Allstar Radio is Working today on the Ski Country ARC Repeater System

by  N0ECT

At last Saturday’s SCARC monthly (March 2017) meeting the members were introduced to the Allstar Radio system and our new (working today) Allstar SERVER/HUB – 45479  (powerpoint presentation below)

In short – Any (world wide) Allstar Node (~2,000 Nodes) can connect to our 45479 and talk to any HAM connected to our SCARC Repeater Backbone using (example) a Baofeng HT that is also connected to our Repeater Backbone.  Allstar will send your Colorado (Audio) to anywhere in the world, to another Allstar Node that is connect to 45479.

How Allstar can assist operators of EME “Moon Bounce”

N0KE (Phil) has mentioned in the past that he has used “Email” to coordinate (time of day setup) for a “Moon Bounce” QSO with another EME operator – half way around the world…

Now N0KE can use a Radio… example: a 2meter (HT) to coordinate that EME Moon Bounce,  provided that other (example: Australian) EME operator has access to a local Allstar Node.  Recall there are ~2,000 active Nodes today, with more coming online each day.  They can now discuss via their respective Radio HTs – their scheduled time of QSO, Amplifier Power Levels, N-element Yagi Antennas…and much more – all needed for a successful EME QSO.  Now N0KE can spent more time using his Radios rather than his Computer (reading EMails) to setup and have a successful EME QSO!

Saturday’s Allstar Presentation includes a list of parts (Amazon) that HAMs can use to build their own Allstar Node.  It’s way less than $300.00 if you already own a Baofeng HT.


Note:  Click on the small icon    in the lower right will change to a full screen of the PowerPoint Presentation!  Once you’re running full screen (at the bottom middle) of that page you can click through the sides using this right arrow.

Below is Eric’s K0JEG’s Video of last Saturday’s Meeting and Presentations.

Baofeng Babe!

by  KG5KKX

Unmistakable.  Boafeng’s UV-5R finally made it to the front cover of this months QST – March 2017.  Operator: Chase KG5KKX.  Folks that are not afraid of Facebook, also know that Chase is a freshman at U of Texas – Austin.  She likes Skydiving and Riding Horses in Rodeos.  But don’t get too excited guys – it’s gonna’ be about another (3) years before you can legally offer to buy young Chase a drink!Gal-with-a-Baofeng

So the next time somebody suggests Amateur Radio is just a bunch of old guys talking…you call tell ‘em about this Longhorn freshman!  73s

Young Bachelor members of SCARC now have a choice – you can chase DX – or you can chase (CHASE – KG5XXX) perhaps even on Digital!  Below from Chase’s Facebook page.


February 4 2017 Meeting Video

Ken, KB0HP gives an excellent talk and live demo of JT-65 weak signal mode and Bob K9MWM has a report from his and Sue’s (N0DBY) trip to Quartzite RV meeting and hamfest. As usual, sorry about the production quality, but I think I’m getting better at the one-man-band production system. This month I ditched Switcher Studio and tried out Rico Live multicam, which doesn’t do realtime streaming (which didn’t work all that well and gobbled up data), but does record all footage locally and render it later, which I think does a much nicer job.

Vanity Time – Tags for you and your Vehicle

Special Thanks to SCARC Vice President – Dave KD0WQC for keeping us all organized and identified.  Dave has worked out an arrangement with Micro Plastics, Inc. of Glenwood Springs, CO.

Dave’s Details: The cost of each name tag with a magnetic backing is $9.98 plus tax. The cost of each name tag with a pin back is $8.59.  The name tag is made with hardboard. You can reduce the price if you remove your QTH.


I forgot to tell them we wanted a slash through the zero but you can tell them if you order one.  I paid the setup fee so you wouldn’t have to. The addresses are as follows Micro Plastics, Inc.  531 Railroad Ave. in Rifle and 407 24th St., in Glenwood Springs.  (recent change) Please EMail instead of Calling on Phone!  sarahl@mpsigns—dot—-com 
I tried to make it easy to get name tags here locally. They told me you can more information to customize your tag but the price will increase.clip_image002[5]

Now that we have YOU – ID’d…What about your Colorado Vehicle?  OK, you can apply for a Colorado Vanity License Plate Tag if you (Click Here).  Last time N0ECT checked it cost $1.00 for the front and $1.00 for the back license plate for your Colorado Vehicle.  The State sends you a $2.00 Bill (after you apply – see form above) after that – they send you your new Vehicle Tags…figure 4-6 weeks depending on how busy Colorado Convicted Felons are.

Smilin’ Ken  KB0HP – Says – “Earn your Ham Radio TECH License the easy Way!”

Free Training! – Only costs are textbook & test fee

(you will test for your HAM license on the 4th!)
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Required Text: 2014-2018 Technician Class by Gordon West—Please order from Ken Rahn to receive discount price (see contact information below)

 Please complete the provided Pre-Study Q & A homework at home before coming to class. Without the home study, the class probably won’t be a success.
 Remember to bring picture ID and $15 for taking the Tech Exam on March 4th.
 Questions?  You may contact Ken at 970-625-0745 or 970-379-3427 or via

See you there!

SCARC – FCC & Passing Fancy

Nothing makes Bob K9MWM happier at the SCARC Meetings than passing more Hams and new Hams earning their first Amateur Radio License.

VE = Volunteer Examiner – the folks authorized by the FCC to administer the tests.  It takes 3, VE’s to organize and validate the the exams.

L-R   VE- Bob K9MWM, VE – Phil N0KE, new Tech license Ozzy Schoonover (Jim Baily’s N0IAA grandson) Debbie N0LDB General Class, VE – Jess W6CKC, Graham Jackson amazing – new Tech on Tuesday (31JAN) then passes his General Class the following Saturday (4FEB) and VE, Clark K3NI our current SCARC President!  Winners All!IMG_7162

Ken, KB0HP made a super presentation on working the HF Digital Modes (JT-65 and JT9).  Ken (center below) brought his HF rig, Laptop and a borrowed Multi-Band Vertical (in the Bank’s parking lot) to show Real-Time, exactly how it works!  Amazing!IMG_9450

Bottom Line:  Digital Modes on HF (blow away) SideBand (and even CW) when it comes to low power (<25 Watts) and long distance DX QSO’s while running HF.wsjt-x_capture

For a PDF copy of Ken’s entire JT-65 Presentation (Click Here) to download the PDF.

Ken is also planning on teaching a Tech License Class (Rifle) over the next couple of months.  Ken said every single FCC Tech test question will be covered in his class.   For more information about Ken’s upcoming classes in Rifle, Colorado email Ken at  KB0HP—-at—-yahoo—  (Click Here) to download Ken’s Announcement of his new Tech License Class – share with the folks your know that want to get licensed.

Bob, K9MWM also did a great presentation about the week long outdoor HAM meeting at Quartzite, Arizona – a blend of RV and Ham Radio at the southern end of (middle of nowhere – BLM land) Arizona held at the end of January for the past (20) years.  Click on the graphic below to learn more.image

Vail to the Chief!

by  N0ECT

Given today’s (20JAN2017) activities in Washington, D.C. – we thought it appropriate to inform our SCARC membership that the peaceful transition of SCARC power has been completed.

Inaugural Balls will have to wait – our new President preferred a few Runs this week at Vail!  Incoming SCARC President Clark K3NI pictured here (blue) along with Phil N0KE (red) – is often confused with the Secret Service due to his athletic stature, sunglasses and hidden 2 meter HT inside the left pocket of his ski jacket.Skiing-with-our-New-President-1

The peaceful transition of power from our former President – Russell (W0CDE) actually took place at last Saturday’s SCARC meeting in Glenwood – because Clark showed up for the meeting a tad late.  Assembled members at the early meeting elected Clark by acclimation – and informed Clark of his successful campaign – upon Clark’s later arrival.  Clark’s reaction?  “What Campaign?”  Vail!…er…Hail to the Chief!IMG_2090

Thursday’s Weather Gods smiled on the new SCARC Administration with perfect Ski Weather at Vail.  Ton’s of Sunshine, Big Blue Sky’s, zero Wind (no big crowds Ash!) and temps in the low 20s.  A perfect mid-week ski day at Vail.

The ski day’s photographic services where provided by “Ivana be a Drone Pilot too” N0ECT – right after seeing Eric (N0JEG) flying his new Inspire 1 Pro Drone in the Rabbit Valley near the Colorado/Utah border earlier this week.  Rumors are still circulating that Eric tried to land his new Drone into the back of his car – while the Hatchback was open!  As you can see…Eric wisely limited the size of his (first flight) audience – in case his new Drone came in a bit “Hot” on landing.  Plausible Deniability – always an important legal concern, when flying a Drone without your Pilot license in hand!  Just (Click On) the photo below to see more HD Video of Eric’s Stealthy (Area 51?) first flight!

73s –  peteN0JEG

K0RV – Christmas Party 2016

by  K9MWM and N0DBY and all the club members in attendance!

Outstanding!  Another super successful K0RV Holiday Party Bob and Sue’s QTH in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Featuring Outstanding Food, Comradery and Ham Radio (give-a-ways) including some HAM Radios – that COULD NOT be programmed using a Computer!  Shocking!

Some excitement too!  Below is the (last known) photo of an intact Living Room Lamp!

Quite a tale – about that one!  Careful with your Texting, while Partying!

Favorite SCARC Party Attire?  The t-Shirt that reads “Be Naughty – save Santa the Trip!”Last-Known-Photo-of-Good-Lamp

Ms. Sue N0DBY – spreading the Holiday Cheer!


L- R Eric K0JEG (Boot Camp[ Instructor Emeritus)  Kevin KD0MA (owner of the newest and coolest Mobile Radio RV in the club)  Frank N0AFO demonstrating his newest iPhoneIMG_7113

SCARC is proud have newly our new Smiling Licensed Ladies – joining our Club!

L – Ms. Ellen McKibben and Debbie N0LDB hoping Santa brings her new vanity license plates by Christmas!


N0ECT’s attempt to capture Ms. Sopris’s afternoon “pink alpenglow” from his vantage point on the Party deck (near the beer cooler, of course!)


Installing a Mobile Radio in your Ride


by  Ken KB0HP

KB0HPIn case you missed Ken KB0HP’s awesome presentation at the November (2016) Ski Country Amateur Radio Club – Here is a copy of Ken’s “How to install a Mobile Radio in your Ride.”  Ken has become one of the top “educators and presenters” in our SCARC.  N0ECT believes this is because Ken spent a lot of time in his career – speaking in front of the class, not sitting in it.   Ken has some excellent install (tips) to share and plenty of photos illustrating key points in his (now online) Presentation.

Enjoy!  Thanks Ken!

To Download a PDF copy of Ken’s Presentation (Click Here)