February 4 2017 Meeting Video

Ken, KB0HP gives an excellent talk and live demo of JT-65 weak signal mode and Bob K9MWM has a report from his and Sue’s (N0DBY) trip to Quartzite RV meeting and hamfest. As usual, sorry about the production quality, but I think I’m getting better at the one-man-band production system. This month I ditched Switcher Studio and tried out Rico Live multicam, which doesn’t do realtime streaming (which didn’t work all that well and gobbled up data), but does record all footage locally and render it later, which I think does a much nicer job.


Why Do Hams Contest?

Notes for Phil’s presentation on contesting.


  • Good way to get awards such as WAS or DXCC in a hurry
  • lots of activity from those rare locations
  • What exactly is a contest?
  • Rules for the contest
    • power class
    • specific bands
    • time limits
    • spotting networks
  • awards
  • logging and reporting
    • computerized logging
    • LoTW
  • contest information
  • vacation contesting

Anvil Work Day Postponed!

Though the forecast for tomorrow (Sunday) doesn’t look too bad, we’d be lucky to get 3 hours on site.  Also the last couple of days of rain is likely to have made the road slimy & very muddy, with little chance for it to dry out before the morning. (More rain forecast through 7 PM this evening).

So, we will postpone the work day until Sunday September 11th.   Same plan meet at City Market in Rifle at 8AM.  (I’m out of town the next 3 weekends).   September is typically a bit drier so hopefully we’ll have a larger window.

Thanks     Chuck n0nhj

Anvil Points Site NWS Forecast

Cell that rolled over Anvil an hour or two ago


Work Days – Sunlight & Anvil

All plans are weather dependent!!   Keep an ear on the repeater for last minute changes.  I’ll also try to post any changes here if time allows.

Tuesday, August 2nd – after breakfast the VI.  We will leave the Village Inn in Glenwood Springs for Sunlight Peak about 9:15 AM.   Early forecast calls for the possibility of showers in the afternoon, so it will probably be a 1/2 day, but it never hurts to pack lunch.

I hope to tackle some tower work to better secure the antenna feed lines.   Depending on the time available we may also swap out the UHF Hub repeater (447.6 MHz) with the new (to us) Motorola MTR2000 repeater, this will increase our transmit power and should have slightly better receive sensitivity.

Other general labor projects to be accomplished include some weed pulling/trimming around the building.    We’ll plan to be headed down by 2PM if the storms don’t arrive earlier.


Sunday, August 7th – Anvil Points.  We will meet at City Market in Rifle at 8AM.  It’s 25 miles each way to the site via the JQS trail, and will take us about 90 minutes.   The road is in good shape as of yesterday (7/28), but is narrow in places. (My jeep liberty does fine, a full size vehicle will make it, but the pucker factor will be higher).  The last 150 meters is through the sage brush, and there is limited parking on top, so some folks should expect to hike the last section.    We will try to get as much time on site as weather allows, so pack a lunch.

The major project will be to dig and install mounting poles for our new solar panels.   Bring your post hole digger, and spade shovels.     Other projects that would be nice to accomplish:  Clearing/trimming the brush along that last section of ‘road’, clearing some down trees on the main road.  We’ve got some tower work to do, removing some old antennas and feedlines, installing a new antenna, and feedline for the UHF link.    There is also general cleanup and weed removal that needs to be done.   If you’ve got tools that would be helpful for any of these projects please bring them along.

Any questions, offers or suggestions please contact  Chuck  n0nhj  email is my call sign at yahoo.com or 970 930 1296.

Thanks    Chuck  – n0nhj

Fox Hunt Tools

Couple of folks were asking about the variable attenuator I was using at the Picnic Saturday.   Here’s the link to the Offset Fox Hunt Attenuator on the Arrow Antennas page.  http://www.arrowantennas.com/main/4ofha.html

Thanks Pat for hosting another great Picnic, and thanks to Brent for providing and hiding the fox!

Chuck   n0nhj

National Parks On The Air

NPOTA 2016

In case you missed it, the ARRL is holding a year long contest in 2016, similar to the W1AW contest held in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the ARRL. This one looks  interesting to those of us in Colorado, since it involves working in the national parks.


Of interest is the “5 Star Activator” extra recognition, in particular, the “Intrepid traveler” piece, of activating at least 5 different parks. Here in Colorado there are:

  1. Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site
  2. Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site
  3. Colorado National Monument
  4.  Dinosaur National Monument
  5. Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument
  6. Hovenweep National Monument
  7. Yucca House National Monument
  8. Great Sand Dunes National Park
  9. Mesa Verde National Park
  10. Rocky Mountain National Park
  11. Curecanti National Recreation Area

Most of us are within a few hours’ drive of all of these sites and I’m sure there are quite a few desirable grid squares and SOTA activations within the boundaries too. And if we run out of sites in Colorado, there’s plenty of opportunities in Utah too.

I’m already planning my weekends…


New band at K0JEG

If you’re shopping for radios from the “big 3,” keep an eye on Ebay. The Dollar-Yen exchange rate is getting pretty good lately. A few weeks ago I got a (kinda) good deal on a 1.2GHz module for my IC-9100. Transmits 10 Watts well into a dummy load, still looking for an antenna. I’m thinking corner beam, nice and compact and might be a fun build, and I won’t need to strap it to the roof when going rover. Not to mention it looks like a TV antenna, so it’s a little stealthy too. Downside is only 10dB gain though. I’ll be lighting up DM59 sometime soon.


Thanks to the VW scandal, I think my radio is now worth more than my car! 😦

Eric, K0JEG