SCARC – Christmas Party 2017

Special Thanks to Sue N0DBY and Bob K9MWM – for opening their home and hosting another outstanding SCARC Christmas/Holiday Party for local Hams!

Photogenic!…doesn’t even begin to describe this happy Mom and Dad couple!  Jeremy KB0HQO and his pretty wife Fanny.  Their two young kids moved too FAST for the party photographer!IMG_7675

The Most Interesting Ham in the World? –  He’s From “Jamaica Mon!”  Bill, N0MID knows a good holiday offshore brew (Red Stripe) – when it’s SCARC Party Time!  How many QSO’s do you have from Kingston Town, Mon?IMG_7666

The 3 Musketeers got the SCARC holiday memo about a Red Shirt or Sweater…

L-R  Ken KB0HP, Richard K4ULD and when he’s in Jolly old England G4ULD and Fred K0VK.  Friends who know Richard – also know he’s rarely stops smiling!IMG_7663

Super Ham Hostess Ms. Sue – N0DBY!IMG_7674

Brent – KD0WAK (left in photo) Jim AD0LIIMG_7672

L-R  Jim AD0LI and Dave KD0WQCIMG_7664

Discussion?  Is an all Digital non-HF QSO – Still a QSO?  Is it OK to store an Analog HF QSO in Digital form – using 1’s and 0’s only – inside an encrypted Logbook of the World file?

L-R   Phil N0KE and Clark K3NIIMG_7670

Gerry N6HUQ – shows he’s in the Holiday Mood!IMG_7671

Ashton KQ0C – (red shirt) and Mike (blue shirt) discussing the finer points of Genuine WiFi calling – with a smartphone!IMG_7662

Guys and Dolls – L-R  Bill N0MID, Betty KD0YDH Dennis AD0VU, and…(sorry, not sure – pretty and nice too!)IMG_7668

L-R  Kevin KE0PGE and “Allstar” Bryan N0THYIMG_7673

L-R  Glenn KE0MMS, Ms. Marcy and Kevin KE0PGEIMG_7665


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