What is that New I-70 Antenna?

by N0ECT and K0LWC

QTH:  I-70 Eastbound – St. Patrick’s Day – Just west of Dowd Junction and the Vail Exits.

Just a standard I-70 overhead road sign and associated WebCam…HOWEVER there is a newly installed Antenna…for CDOT/Panasonic’s new V2X prototype system.clip_image002

This is a CDOT/Panasonic Prototype System vehicle-to-everything V2X technology.  Purportedly for Traffic Safety reasons.  This new radio system is designed for 2-Way communication between Vehicle and CDOT broadcast safety notifications.  In the future…likely use for driverless vehicle’s if/when that ever comes to pass on our Interstate roads.

To learn more about this Prototype (Click On) the CDOT News graphic below.

Special Thanks to young Matt – K0LWC who was the first to “ID” this new Radio system!

Matt “hangs out” on BrandMeister TalkGroup 3171 – NoCO DMR, Loveland-Ft. Collins, Colorado    73s  N0ECT



SCARC Makes CQ Magazine – GREAT AGAIN!

How to make CQ Magazine Great Again?

Get the Ski County ARC involved!  That’s How!

Can-You-hear-me-NowCurrent HF Band Conditions not difficult enough for you?  CQ’s “QRP Special” will make it about 20 times more difficult operating at 5W or below – instead of the usual 100W on HF.

“Can you hear me now?”  Indeed.

(Click Here) to download the PDF file of the February 2019 edition of CQ Magazine.


Mighty – .61 on Vail Mountain – ThanksGiving 2018

Sounding Better than it has in Decades…The Mighty – .61 on Vail Mountain in Colorado is taking FULL ADVANTAGE of the Analog Repeater Linking capabilities of Allstar.  Giving Thanks (this ThanksGiving 2018) to Doug Crompton WA3DSP and his SW Development team – whose Raspberry Pi 3 – SW is now powering 61’s connection to the UHF Link Radio – connecting the rest of the Ski Country ARC Analog Repeater system.    .61  [ 146.61 (-)   PL 107.2 ]   (Below – .61 Tallest Vertical – UHF Link Yagi Antenna can be seen – directly below pointed West from Vail Mountain).  K3NI is about to experience what WA3DSP’s RPi 3 software – really can do!

DMR Aficionados can listen (and transmit) into the SCARC Analog Repeater System – by using the BrandMeister TalkGroup 31085.  Your DMR Audio uses our DMR<—>Allstar Gateway Function – so you’ll be heard on Vail Mountain, Aspen, Beaver Creek and SunLight Ski Resorts – all over the Western Slope of Colorado.  Key up (with or without your Skis on) and enjoy a new Colorado Ski Country QSO!

73s  N0ECT – Happy ThanksGiving to all!


N0THY – Decoding Satellite Weather Images

by  N0THY

N0THYLooking for a Winter Ham Radio project?  Check with N0THY for tips on decoding NOAA Satellite Weather images by building your own Satellite Weather Image Receiver.  (scroll down to see Bryan’s images)


Here are the weather satellite pics (screenshots) taken of some of the hurricanes this summer with N0THY’s LEO (low earth orbiting) satellite receiver setup.

 Hurricane Florence 2018-09-14 Hurricane Florence 2018-09-14 1Hurricane Michael 10-10-18Hurricane Willa 2018-10-22 Hurricane Willa 2018-10-23 Hurrricane Willa 2018-10-23

Beat – your Analog FM Addiction!

Wondering where?  Answer: Right here in Colorado.

A very helpful group of young HAMs – ready to help you beat any Analog FM addiction you may be suffering from – in your pursuit of the HAM Radio hobby.

How too’s…Videos, Equipment Lists, piece parts are here to help get you going with DIGITAL Amateur Radio.  DMR, C4FM (Yaesu’s System Fusion), NXDN, P25, DSTAR are all supported and used by this group of (mostly – Front Range Hams) exploring what the new frontier of Digital Radio has to offer.

Just imagine a world where poor HF Band Conditions – are never an issue again!

Check ‘em out!    www.W0dmr.org   – or just click on the graphic below!

73s  – N0ECT


Club meeting September 15.

If you’re not going to the ARRL Digital Communications Conference in Albuquerque, come out to the US Bank building in Glenwood Springs to see Bob Cutter’s (KI0G) demonstration of the “OG” digital mode, an antique spark gap transmitter.
From Wikipedia: Spark gap transmitters were the first devices to demonstrate practical radio transmission, and were the standard technology for the first three decades of radio (1887–1916). Later, more efficient transmitters were developed based on rotary machines like the high-speed Alexanderson alternators and the static Poulsen arc generators.[1]

Most operators, however, still preferred spark transmitters because of their uncomplicated design and because the carrier wave (carrier) stopped when the telegraph key was released, which let the operator “listen through” for a reply. With other types of transmitter, the carrier could not be controlled so easily, and they required elaborate measures to modulate the carrier and to prevent transmitter leakage from de-sensitizing the receiver.

Meeting starts at 10:00, runs until about noon or a little after. VE testing, show and tell, and general topics of interest to the club are invited.

Latest Technology for Digital Amateur Radio! – 30AUG2018

Imagine a portable “AlabamaLink” that fits in your pocket.  Tether it off of your SmartPhone.  Talk all over the world – anytime – with perfect Digital Audio!  WOW!

(keep scrolling down)


oS2 – will work Digital “cross-mode” – Hams are no longer held hostage to one type of Digital Radio Architecture!  -pete  N0ECT

More Information?  (HERE): https://www.sharkrf.com/products/openspot2/learn-more/